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The information below will help you navigate the billing process. If you have a question, please click on our FAQs below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please email us for a faster response.

Email us for a faster response.

If you need further assistance please call us

Mail to:
PO Box 787, Latham, NY 12110
email info@emr-llc.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What to do when you receive a bill?

A.  You have received a bill for one of many reasons:

  1. We were unable to get your insurance information at the time of service. Please email (info@emr-llc.com or click the link above) us your insurance information and we will submit a claim to your insurance for payment.
  2. We submitted a claim to your insurance company, and they will be sending the check directly to you. When you receive the check sign the back and send the check and invoice together in the envelop provided.
  3. You have no insurance, and you received a bill for the ambulance service. Please contact us by email by clicking the link above.  We will assist you with payment options.
  4. We received a denial from your insurance. Contact your insurance company to dispute the denial.
  5. Patient Responsibility. Your insurance company identifies which portion of the bill is the patient’s responsibility also known as patient’s copayment.
  6. You paid your bill, and you received another statement. In this case your payment occurred either just before or after the schedule to send out the next statement. Your payment will be posted to the claim, and you shouldn’t receive any additional statements.

Q. How can I pay my bill?

A.  You can pay your bill or copayment with a credit, debit card, or ACH from your checking account on this site please select the link above make a payment online.

A. You can send in your payment to the Ambulance Service at the address enclosed on the statement. The check should be made out to the ambulance service.

Q. Why do you need my signature to bill my insurance?

A.   Medicare and other insurance carriers will not allow us to process a bill and receive payment for the services we provided you without your signature on the appropriate form.  Please click on the appropriate form above, sign it and submit the form. Your claim will then be submitted to your insurance carrier.

Q. Why did I receive a “Collection Letter” ?

We have attempted to contact you by mail or phone, and you have failed to respond to our requests for information or payment. Please contact our office immediately to avoid any further action. Click the link above to email us to assist you with your bill.

Q. How do I break down what I was charged for?

A. Ambulance bills are very simple. The charges are divided into two categories: Base Rate, this includes all the medical care and supplies that were provided to you during the transport; and Loaded Mileage, this is the mileage from the point of pickup to the hospital.

Q. What is the difference between BLS, ALS1, and ALS2?

A.   BLS stands for Basic Life Support. When you see this on the bill it means the care provided was basic and didn’t require any advanced interventions.

A.   ALS1, stands for Advanced Life Support One. When you see this it means you required an evaluation or treatment by a Paramedic based on the information obtained by dispatch or your condition required medication to treat it.

A.   ALS2, stands for Advanced Life Support Two. When you see this it means your condition required several medications and/or interventions to treat or advanced interventions such as airway management.

Please direct any questions to our billing department.  
Use the email link above to submit your question.


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